A large amount of glazing configurations means the perfect glass can be yours. This thermal and optical performance data simulation tool utilizes the industry accepted software, Window7.3 operated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) using International Glazing Database (IGDB) v95. Select the number and thickness of panes, air space width and gas, substrates, coatings, frits and laminate options from the tables to construct the ideal glazing for your next project. The laminates and frits available for selection are what reside in the database for use with the Window7.3 software. For more information on tool features, click

Select Glazing Configuration:

Installation Angle  °
Layer 1 Outside
Glass Selection
Cavity 1 (Air , 1/2" (12.7mm))

About Construct IGU

The Vitro Construct IGU tool allows you to configure a specific insulated glass unit by dynamically selecting the individual components of the configuration.

Choose the number of panes you want to begin the configuration process.

Select the thicknesses, coatings, substrates, air spaces and gas fills for your unit in this column to build your complete configuration layer by layer. Click "Next" to move to the next layer and click "Calculate" to finalize your configuration. Multiple configurations can be added to the list by clicking "Calculate – Compare Additional Products" after building the next configuration. Clicking "Reset" clears the list and all data.

Based on your selections in step 2, you will be able to see your glass configuration being dynamically built in this area.

The results of your configuration will be displayed in a table format below. Clicking on the "Print" button to the left of the name will get you the complete product data for that configuration. Multiple configurations can be viewed and compared by adding the products to the compare list and clicking "Compare". In addition, from the detail page you can customize the print information, generate a custom label, export a performance data sheet, generate a BIM file.

After creating multiple configurations in the list, click the "Add Now" button in the right column or "Compare All" in the header to add up to 9 products to the compare list. Click on the "Compare" button after adding products to go to the detail page.